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ARTIK Cloud + T-Mobile + Breezie = improving senior care

By ARTIK Team February 20, 2017
How can IoT help people, particularly the elderly, lead healthier lives? One answer arrived with the recent announcement of a new Breezie open platform for senior care, powered by Samsung ARTIK Cloud and the T-Mobile IoT platform.

Samsung Joins the Eclipse Foundation

By Lydia Ping November 11, 2016
The Eclipse Foundation and Samsung ARTIK are committed to a common goal — to help the developer community be more creative and productive with great tools.

Samsung ARTIK Cloud Announces Membership with the Open API Initiative

By Jerome Dubreuil September 30, 2016
Samsung ARTIK Cloud has just announced membership with the Open API Initiative (OAI), an open governance structure under the Linux Foundation. We are thrilled to be part of OAI’s mission to standardize connectivity and provide thought leadership in the space of REST API metadata. ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform for IoT that ...

Makers Against Drought winners announced!

By Fred Patton August 15, 2016
In 2015, we launched Makers Against Drought (M.A.D.), a challenge to makers all around the world to help solve the California water crisis with ingenuity and IoT technology. From over 500 ideas submitted from 57 countries, we chose the best, most interesting, and most well-thought out entries, and sent out Samsung ARTIK developer kits to start work. After several ...

ARTIK Modules: Naming conventions

By ARTIK Team June 22, 2016
While we love the current names of our modules – Samsung ARTIK 1, ARTIK 5, ARTIK 10, as we plan our future roadmap, we’re starting to find them too confining. So we decided that an update was in order. Over the next month or so, you’ll start seeing a new naming convention for individual products.

Ubuntu Core on ARTIK image now available for download

By ARTIK Team May 24, 2016
We’ve introduced Snappy Ubuntu Core to the community over the past couple months, and now its image for Samsung ARTIK is available to start playing with today! This image version gives access to a number of the functionalities on the ARTIK module, including Bluetooth™ and WiFi®, and provides developers the platform and tools to build their IoT ...

The new Samsung ARTIK website!

By Fred Patton April 27, 2016
Welcome to the new Samsung ARTIK website! We're glad you're here, and we hope you will find the information you need to start developing amazing products for the Internet of Things. If you've been here before, you've probably noticed a few changes...

Samsung ARTIK IDE Powered by Eclipse Che now available to IoT developers

By ARTIK Team April 27, 2016
IoT developers working with ARTIK have been asking us for a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to make development faster and easier. Today, we unveiled the Samsung ARTIK IDE Powered by Eclipse Che.
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