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Month: May 2016

Listening and Contributing to IoT DevCon 2016

By Oleg Gryb May 31, 2016
The ARTIK Cloud team has just returned from IoT DevCon 2016. As usual, our major purpose was to listen to industry trends, learn in order to generate new ideas, and contribute to the community by presenting our approaches to making IoT ecosystem interoperable and secure. Here are the slides Yujing Wu and I presented: Interoperability is ...

APIs for the Interoperability of Things (IoT)

By Abhi Rele May 25, 2016
Today, the Internet of Things is largely a collection of devices and apps that don’t work together. We see a need to address two challenges that are critical to break down these silos and drive large-scale adoption of IoT among consumers and businesses: Enable device makers to securely expose their device data to other devices ...

Monitor Fire and Temperature Using ARTIK Cloud, Open-Source IoT Hardware and Android

By Yujing Wu May 23, 2016
This post updates our previous article to use the ARTIK Cloud endpoint and Java/Android SDK. In this article we will build a remote monitoring system using ARTIK Cloud, off-the-shelf sensors, Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, and an Android application. Using our Android app, we can remotely monitor data from temperature and flame sensors that are connected to ...

SDC 2016 Demo Overview

By Lydia Ping May 9, 2016
There were so many great demos in the Samsung ARTIK booth this SDC that we wanted to dedicate a special blog post just for them. Most of the ARTIK team’s booth space was dedicated to our partners who demonstrated how they use ARTIK to do amazing things.