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Month: March 2016

Why We're Excited About Mesosphere's Latest Container News

By ARTIK Cloud Team March 30, 2016
As you may know, we at the SAMI team are big fans of containers, having been one of the earliest adopters of Mesos and containerization in our development workflow.

Develop an Android app to manage SAMI Rules

By Yujing Wu March 23, 2016
Today we’re developing an Android app that can create and manage Rules for the user. With these Rules, a user’s flame detector can turn on/off the user’s smart LED light.

Your SAMI trials are now in session

By Ryan Kuo March 8, 2016
Today we’ll introduce you to a great feature that was recently added to the SAMI trial tools: sessions! What is a session? A session is a way for a trial administrator to record metadata along with trial data. For example, Andrea’s trial includes several participants all sending data from Simband to the trial. As the ...