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Month: February 2016

Using MQTT is as easy as 1, 2, 3

By Ryan Kuo February 24, 2016
SAMI just got another way of letting the data flow. We’ve just published instructions on using MQTT, a lightweight message protocol that has become an IoT standard. Due to its bandwidth and battery efficiency, MQTT is well suited for home automation, low-powered IoT devices such as wearables and remote sensors, and mobile apps. In our ...

Optimize IoT connectivity with subscriptions and notifications

By Ryan Kuo February 8, 2016
ARTIK Cloud’s promise to developers is that you can work freely with data regardless of the source or silo. We currently have Cloud Connectors that bridge third-party clouds with ARTIK Cloud, and we also have subscriptions and notifications functionality. This allows devices or clouds to subscribe to ARTIK Cloud and receive notifications whenever new messages or Actions are available. ...

Event Recap: AppSec California 2016

By Oleg Gryb February 5, 2016
Remember our talk on Making Security Agile? The SAMI security team recently presented an updated, more in-depth version of the talk at AppSec California 2016, and returned with new excitement about the state of security. Read on for our key insights from the conference, as well as the latest “Making Security Agile” slides. Not only ...

Cloud Connectors: Build a Bridge Across Data Silos

By Ryan Kuo February 3, 2016
Today we are announcing a new SAMI feature that marks one more big step toward true device interoperability. We call this feature Cloud Connectors, and it is the easiest way for you to bring third-party devices into the SAMI ecosystem. Because many smart devices already send their data to a proprietary cloud, Cloud Connectors allow ...
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