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Month: November 2015

With SAMI, the Connected Home Is Now a Reality

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 3, 2015
Picture the following scenario: You unlock the front door with the push of a button on your smartphone. Beyond it is another dimension—a dimension of data-driven applications and services. You’re moving into a realm of interoperability, where silos that previously separated devices by protocol, brand or function are shattered into millions of pieces. You’ve just ...

Event Recap: Making Security Agile

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 4, 2015
Last week, Oleg and Sanjay from the SAMI security team were invited to speak at LASCON 2015 about our security automation. We were happy that the presentation was very well received! For everyone who missed the talk or wanted to follow up, here’s the full slideshow. In the talk, titled “Making Security Agile”, Oleg and ...

Event Recap: Leveraging Mesos to Manage Container Workloads

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 10, 2015
As an early adopter of Mesos and containerization, our DevOps team was delighted to take the stage at a meetup organized by Mesosphere, where Niranjan Hanumegowda, Dennis Lovely and Karthi Mohan talked about how we used Mesos, Docker and other services to transition into our agile IT environment. Read on to see the video and ...

How Collaboration Improves Security for Everyone

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 4, 2015
In addition to giving our talk “Making Security Agile” at LASCON 2015, we were honored to be featured in the presentation by Denim Group, the makers of ThreadFix. We’ve previously blogged about how, as early adopters, we adapted the ThreadFix platform to enhance our security needs. In the spirit of collaboration—and cutting-edge security—the Denim Group ...

Your Questions About SAMI, Continued

By ARTIK Cloud Team November 20, 2015
We recently met up with developers at Mountain View and San Francisco to talk about SAMI and its device- and data-agnostic approach to IoT. At both events, Dr. Yujing Wu presented about SAMI device and application development and fielded questions from attendees. Below, find her slides and highlights from the Q&As. Open, Cloud Based Data ...

IoT 101: Security

By Kevin Sharp November 12, 2015
In this installment of our IoT 101 series, we start with the basic security considerations facing IoT network designers, then introduce a key security technology that allows devices with low computing power to implement highly secure connections. Aleksi, Bora, and Chuck To make this security discussion easier to follow, let’s name two IoT nodes Aleksi ...
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