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Month: June 2015

An Eye Toward Usability

By Ryan Kuo June 18, 2015
In case you didn’t notice, we happen to love UX improvements here at SAMI HQ. We think the flexibility and potential of SAMI is greatly focused by a front-end experience that anticipates what you need and gets you there efficiently. This is why we’ve just given the User Portal a facelift. Next to each device ...

Getting Security Up to Speed

By Oleg Gryb June 16, 2015
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) has become a must for many progressive organizations, and SAMI’s OpenCloud team is not an exception. We need to move fast to be relevant in IoT and IoT Cloud, which are arguably the most competitive areas today. This trend often leads to security left behind the CI/CD process. For ...

Time to Show Off Your Apps and Devices

By Ryan Kuo June 12, 2015
Get ready, because there’s going to be a major site update soon. We are extending our portals to allow developers and users to browse all the device types and applications on SAMI in a friendly, searchable interface. We hope you are as excited as we are about this! We want you to hit the ground ...

Quick Apps: Sync With a Pill

By Gilles Mazars June 2, 2015
We did a fun demo for the Samsung booth at Health-IT 2015 in Paris this week. We connected a BodyCap e-Celsius device with SAMI. e-Celsius is an ingestible pill which measures your core temperature and transmits the data to your smartphone or tablet, making it simple for medical staff to remotely assess your temperature. First, ...
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