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Month: May 2015

iHealth Joins the Ecosystem

By Ryan Kuo May 29, 2015
Now on the burgeoning list of SAMI-connected devcies is the full range of iHealth products, which include blood pressure monitors, scales, glucometers and other fitness devices. Read on for the details. Here at the office, we ran our own tests with an iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor. Back in the User Portal, we can ...

Developing With SAMI: Give Your App a Brain

By Yujing Wu May 27, 2015
We add a data analysis backend server to the iOS app built in the Developing with SAMI series. This post shows how SAMI enables third-party applications to perform effective analytics on data from diverse sources and users. This article reads from top to bottom, but you can also skip to your preferred section: Introduction High-level ...

Aggregates by the Minute

By Ryan Kuo May 21, 2015
Today we’re writing to let you know about an improvement we made in the API call that returns message aggregates. Now you can request aggregates for messages as recent as 1 minute. The call is an HTTP GET method: GET /messages/analytics/aggregates You must pass as URL query parameters startDate, endDate, sdid (source device ID of ...

Introducing SmartThings OpenCloud

By ARTIK Cloud Team May 19, 2015
Last week at IoT World 2015, SmartThings founder and CEO Alex Hawkinson and Samsung Electronics President and CSO Young Sohn debuted SmartThings OpenCloud, a software and data aggregation service powered by SAMI. OpenCloud complements the new ARTIK family of IoT modules, which include SDKs for SAMI connectivity. See Young’s keynote from the event. SmartThings OpenCloud ...

Why Weight? Here's Withings

By Ryan Kuo May 8, 2015
Recently we announced Jawbone integration with SAMI. You may have also noticed in our earlier Developing With SAMI tutorial series that Withings devices are also supported. We use these in development and wanted to share more information about the Withings fields in SAMI. Connecting the Withings device works as usual—a few clicks and authentication in ...

Say Hello to Jawbone

By Ryan Kuo May 5, 2015
We are pleased to announce that SAMI is now fully integrated with Jawbone APIs. This means you can connect a Jawbone UP to SAMI in the User Portal and access and visualize any of the device’s data. If you want to develop a SAMI application that utilizes Jawbone data, it’s easy—see how we did it ...
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