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Month: April 2015

Make an IoT Weather Station with SAMI

By Dan Gross April 30, 2015
Read an updated version of this post using ARTIK Cloud. This article demonstrates using SAMI with simple, off-the-shelf sensors and hardware. Specifically, we will be gathering climate data from a low-cost temperature sensor and relaying that data to the cloud via SAMI APIs. From there, we can analyze our collected data in real-time or historically. This ...

A GUI Update to the Developer Portal

By Ryan Kuo April 28, 2015
We made a major overhaul to a few screens in the Developer Portal last week. These changes reorganize how key information is presented, and give a substantially richer view of your applications and device types. Read this post to see what’s new! If you’re developing with SAMI, you have likely used the Developer Portal to ...

Send Actions to Remote Devices

By Andrea Trasatti April 21, 2015
Most of our posts so far have talked about storing and reading messages in ARTIK Cloud. Today I’d like to give you an introduction to what we call “Actions”, a way that a device can send a command to another device. Defining which Actions a device supports The first step is to update your Advanced ...

SAMI and BLE Meet WebSockets

By Yujing Wu April 9, 2015
This blog post is obsoleted by Build an Android app with BLE and ARTIK Cloud. Previously we’ve presented WebSockets as a tool for visualizing your data or plotting your location in real-time with SAMI. In this post we enhance the Android app we built in Introducing SAMI to Your Bluetooth Low Energy Devices. This new ...

Check Out Table View

By Ryan Kuo April 7, 2015
The last time we talked about the User Portal, we took you through its Data Visualization tool, which dynamically renders charts from your data streams. Data Visualization recently got a small addition that brings it significant new functionality. The new Table View gives you an entirely different look at your data. If you want more ...

Keeping Devices and Data Secure in SAMI

By Oleg Gryb April 2, 2015
Not all IoT devices are equal when it comes to data sensitivity and fidelity. When a device is used to collect, analyze and transmit sensitive data to SAMI for further research and analysis, a number of security-related requirements must be met. The most important ones are arguably related to reliable device identification and authentication. The ...
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