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Month: March 2015

Making the Perfect Remote Control in Five Steps

By Wilfred Dore March 31, 2015
Recently we developed an Android application to get data from a nearby BLE device and send it to SAMI. In this post, we show you how you can communciate with your devices using SAMI as a remote control. Our demo application uses SAMI to retrieve the status of a user’s devices and send commands to ...

The Simple Manifest: Device Types in 1 Minute

By Andrea Trasatti March 26, 2015
Anyone who wants to send data to ARTIK Cloud, whether it’s from a sensor, device or application, needs to create a Manifest. Since this is always the first step, we want to make it as smooth as possible. Last week, we published a new tool called Simple Manifest that makes connecting new devices as easy ...

SAMI Rules: Your Devices Can Speak Up

By Ryan Kuo March 23, 2015
Note: We have updated this post for ARTIK Cloud. Read it here! In this post we discuss a SAMI Rules feature that is one of the least visible, yet most powerful. With this feature, device fields can be more than Rule triggers; you can also use them as parameter values in the commands sent to ...

Do Your Own Research With SAMI Trials

By Andrea Trasatti March 20, 2015
When designing SAMI, we thought about users, data sources (aka devices) and developers who would be creating applications and services. Once we started addressing the theme of “digital health,” it was immediately clear that we should build tools to support professionals such as researchers and doctors who need to collect data in a well-defined time ...

SAMI Update: How We Handle Permissions

By ARTIK Cloud Team March 17, 2015
As you know, the user is always at the center of our attention. Ensuring that users are in control of what they share with applications is one of the key values of SAMI, and we thought that it was important to make a small change in how applications, devices and data are linked. Until now ...

Introducing SAMI to Your Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

By Yujing Wu March 12, 2015
This blog post is obsoleted by Build an Android app with BLE and ARTIK Cloud. Today we’re developing an Android app that illustrates how well SAMI and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) work together to get device data. Our Android app locates nearby BLE devices, collects their data and then sends it to SAMI. This follows ...

Quick Apps: Plot Your Location in Real-Time With SAMI

By Yujing Wu March 10, 2015
Today we’re going to learn how easy it is to create a location-aware Android application using the SAMI platform. SAMI will serve as an online storage service and also as a real-time data broker for your devices. At a glance, this could look like something complex—and indeed it is—however you’ll rapidly learn that SAMI provides ...

An Uptick Coach Reads and Responds to Your Data, in Real-Time

By Ryan Kuo March 5, 2015
Uptick made its debut at the Samsung Developer Conference last November and is currently in beta. It’s a new wellness app from the minds at FitOrbit, which connects you with a personal trainer online through its membership service and mobile app. Uptick uses SAMI to bring your devices and their data together with you and ...

Developing With SAMI: Let's Bring Your Data Together

By Yujing Wu March 3, 2015
This is Part 3 of a series of articles exploring the possibilities of SAMI from a developer’s perspective. In this article, we will enhance the iOS app that we built in Part 2. The newer version illustrates how to utilize the data exchange platform SAMI to easily get data from diverse sources. Read Part 1: ...
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