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Samsung ARTIK joins AWS Greengrass

By ARTIK Team June 7, 2017
Today, the Samsung ARTIK team attended the Amazon Web Services event in San Francisco where AWS Greengrass was formally announced. AWS Greengrass lets you run local compute, messaging and data caching for connected devices in a secure way. And we were there because this technology is well aligned with the capabilities built into the Samsung ARTIK Smart ...

Kitra 520 "product accelerator" board now available

By ARTIK Team April 19, 2017
The Kitra 520, a small board for hosting the ARTIK 520 IoT module, is now available on Digi-Key to help you build your next IoT project.

FS Studio brings the future of play to life

By Lydia Ping November 17, 2016
How are advances in engineering changing the world of game design and toys? FS Studio shows us how ARTIK is helping them power the future of play.

Samsung ARTIK and Thales e-Security: Securing the future

By Vikram Ramesh, Thales e-Security August 8, 2016
In this guest blog post, one of our security partners, Thales, explains how their systems are used to establish the "root of trust" with ARTIK modules.

Certified ARTIK Partner: FAE++ and the Kitra "Product Accelerator"

By Fred Patton July 26, 2016
In this post, we introduce FAE++, creators of the Kitra carrier board for Samsung ARTIK 5. Keep reading to see how the Kitra board might help your product development efforts.

Why care about IoT security?

By Trustonic Team February 23, 2016
Editor's note: In this guest blog, our partner Trustonic explains the need for reliable security in IoT, and why its Trusted Execution Environment comes bundled with ARTIK.

Real-time edge analytics with Medium One and ARTIK

By Ryan Kuo February 10, 2016
Editor’s note: In this guest blog, our partner Medium One introduces its new “edge” solution for real-time local and cloud analytics, including a demo featuring Samsung ARTIK and Simband. Are you looking for an easy way to connect sensors and build real-time data intelligence—with or without an always-on internet connection? How about full control to ...

ARTIK brings you Certified Partners

By ARTIK Team January 6, 2016
We are pleased to start the New Year with great news for companies planning to take advantage of the ARTIK platform’s many benefits. After getting feedback from customers and the community, we decided that the next step in our journey would be to extend the ARTIK ecosystem. Today, we are launching the Certified ARTIK Partner ...

New Machine-to-Machine Communication with ARTIK and Temboo

By Ryan Kuo December 22, 2015
We’ve been very interested in the work our partner Temboo has been doing with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. We invited them to do a guest blog on the topic, and they agreed. Enjoy! Let’s say you have a system that you want to bring online—maybe you want to be able to collect data on conditions or ...

Using Temboo with ARTIK Beta Developer Kits

By ARTIK Team November 23, 2015
For Makers Against Drought Challenge developers who received an ARTIK 5 developer kit, we are excited to let you know that the Temboo library is pre-loaded on your module. If you have used Temboo’s online tools before, you know you can easily generate code for the ARTIK 10 board by following a step-by-step wizard. Temboo ...
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