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Author: Wei Xiao

Exploring The Physical Web with Kitra and ARTIK

By Wei Xiao April 20, 2017
Wei puts the new Kitra520 Product Accelerator board, along with its included Samsung ARTIK 520 Smart IoT Module, to work in a practical example of using local beacons to broadcast useful information to nearby visitors.

Quick ARTIK holiday project: Turn an old monitor into a stylish wall display

By Wei Xiao December 12, 2016
In this post, Wei Xiao shows you how to turn an ARTIK 710 and an old HDMI monitor into a Wi-Fi-enabled wall display.

Event recap: IBM Watson Developer Conference 2016

By Wei Xiao November 22, 2016
IBM hosted its first Watson Developer Conference in beautiful San Francisco last week. More than 1400 developers participated and learned how artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping people build better applications on the Watson platform.

ARM TrustZone and the Trusted Execution Environment

By Wei Xiao November 23, 2016
In this tutorial, we start to look at the practicalities of using the Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment with Samsung ARTIK.  ARM® TrustZone®  ARM TrustZone technology is a System on Chip (SoC) and CPU, system-wide approach to security. TrustZone is hardware-based security built into the SoCs. The family of TrustZone technologies can be integrated into any ARM Cortex-A and the latest Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 based systems. ...

Building a photo booth with Samsung ARTIK 10

By Wei Xiao July 29, 2016
Here will show you how to build a voice-controlled photo booth by using ARTIK 10. We will use voice commands to trigger a camera and display the resulting photo on an HDMI display connected to the ARTIK 10.

ARTIK and SAMI form an Integrated Smart Home

By Wei Xiao March 9, 2016
We recently posted a detailed look at our Smart Trash Cans demo. Today we’ll be discussing a related demo, which features an Integrated Smart Home using SAMSUNG ARTIK. For those new to the platform, we are introducing SAMSUNG SAMI (we like to call it “ARTIK’s Cloud”), Temboo, and the Arduino compatibility library for ARTIK. SAMI ...

Build a network of Smart Trash Cans with ARTIK

By Wei Xiao March 1, 2016
At CES 2016, we showcased a few tools that anyone can leverage for fast development on ARTIK boards. Here on the blog, we’ll walk you through those presentations in more detail. First up is our demo of Smart Trash Cans powered by ARTIK. For those new to the platform, we are introducing SAMI (we like ...

Make an ARTIK Weather Station with libcurl and Node.js

By Wei Xiao October 15, 2015
This blog is the third article in our Weather Station series. In this post, we are going to introduce a few other ways to develop an IoT weather station for both native and web developers. You will want to read the previous two articles in the series Make an IoT Weather Station with SAMI and ...

Make an IoT Weather Station with ARTIK, Temboo and SAMI

By Wei Xiao September 8, 2015
If you follow the SAMI blog, you’ll remember Dan Gross’ tutorial to Make an IoT Weather Station with SAMI using off-the-shelf sensors and hardware together with Samsung SAMIIO. In round 2 of the Weather Station series, we are moving our development platform to ARTIK 10. We’ll also use the Temboo software library that comes preloaded ...
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