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Author: Oleg Gryb

Listening and Contributing to IoT DevCon 2016

By Oleg Gryb May 31, 2016
The ARTIK Cloud team has just returned from IoT DevCon 2016. As usual, our major purpose was to listen to industry trends, learn in order to generate new ideas, and contribute to the community by presenting our approaches to making IoT ecosystem interoperable and secure. Here are the slides Yujing Wu and I presented: Interoperability is ...

Event Recap: AppSec California 2016

By Oleg Gryb February 5, 2016
Remember our talk on Making Security Agile? The SAMI security team recently presented an updated, more in-depth version of the talk at AppSec California 2016, and returned with new excitement about the state of security. Read on for our key insights from the conference, as well as the latest “Making Security Agile” slides. Not only ...

Integrating SAMI With ARTIK for a Secure IoT

By Oleg Gryb August 3, 2015
It’s not a surprise that our introduction of the ARTIK platform at IoT World 2015 didn’t go unnoticed. The strong demand for ARTIK DevKits, currently transitioning into Beta, can easily confirm the need for basic modules implementing a common IoT device’s functionality such as CPU, memory, WiFi®, Bluetooth™, ZigBee, sensors, etc. Having basic IoT modules ...

Getting Security Up to Speed

By Oleg Gryb June 16, 2015
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) has become a must for many progressive organizations, and SAMI’s OpenCloud team is not an exception. We need to move fast to be relevant in IoT and IoT Cloud, which are arguably the most competitive areas today. This trend often leads to security left behind the CI/CD process. For ...

Keeping Devices and Data Secure in SAMI

By Oleg Gryb April 2, 2015
Not all IoT devices are equal when it comes to data sensitivity and fidelity. When a device is used to collect, analyze and transmit sensitive data to SAMI for further research and analysis, a number of security-related requirements must be met. The most important ones are arguably related to reliable device identification and authentication. The ...
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