Samsung IoT: Moving and Shaking the Conference Scene

Samsung has been out and about in the event landscape this spring, first descending on IoT World in May with both SmartThings and ARTIK championing our part of the IoT landscape with neighbors Google and MasterCard in the booths beside us. Then it was on to IoT DevCon in June (well, we didn’t have to go far as the venue was the same), where SmartThings chatted with the developer community about new and planned tools and resources for the platform.

Jeanine Jue, Samsung’s resident IoT cloud developer experience guru, gave a talk entitled “Building for Billions…Next Gen IoT” and gave away a dozen SmartThings hubs to winners of her impromptu quiz show from the podium.  Developers entered to reserve free seats at our “SmartThings Developer WorkSpace WorkShop” coming later this year, and over a hundred folks registered. If as a developer you want more info on this opportunity, visit the SmartThings developer page to see updates.

We’ll be out on the scene this summer, but also nose-down on some really exciting projects. So enjoy your swimming pools, barbecues and beaches, and we’ll continue to keep you posted…