ARTIK Cloud Rules: Sunrise and Sunset

We’re proud that Rules on ARTIK cloud services are not only powerful, but accessible to all users. Defining a new Rule to control an IoT device should be just as intuitive as using the device itself. In that spirit, we’ve introduced a new feature that lets you schedule a Rule around the sunrise and/or sunset at a given location. We have documented how this is done programmatically. Here we explain how to access the feature via the Rules UI.

It is already possible to schedule a Rule to run based on an exact date/time. We’ve added to this field a “SUNSET/SUNRISE” option.

For the purposes of the Rule, sunrise/sunset is based on a GPS location that you search using the map widget accessible at the bottom of the dialog.

You can also schedule the Rule at an offset from sunrise/sunset. In this screenshot, we have scheduled the Rule to run one hour after sunrise in San Jose.

Programmatically defining the sunrise/sunset condition allows you to define before/after conditions and combine several date/time conditions for powerful results. See the documentation for details!