Join SmartThings and ARTIK at IoT World

Please join Samsung at IoT World in Santa Clara (Booth 209) to see how our latest open IoT technologies are helping to build intelligent solutions for a connected world.

From mobile and wearable devices to TVs and refrigerators, Samsung SmartThings has the largest coverage of competitive IoT devices. Thanks to the open nature of the SmartThings ecosystem, it’s extremely easy to integrate devices that immediately benefit from our latest features. Developers can then create complex automations that enable smart interactions between devices, furthering the potential of the Internet of Things.

As an end-to-end IoT solution, SmartThings also provides SmartThings Cloud, a data exchange platform that sets up easy, secure connections between devices and applications without being restricted by silos. SmartThings Cloud allows developers to focus on their core expertise and accelerate their time to market. You will find it easier than ever to integrate your devices, services, and existing solutions in the cloud, for true interoperability and easy access to millions of devices through a single app.

We are also presenting the ARTIK end-to-end IoT platform, which brings together hardware, software, cloud services and security to provide the best foundation for developing and bringing IoT products to market. Since last year, we’ve extended our portfolio, added new services like device management and OTA updates, and expanded our partner solutions to help our customers get to market even faster.