Live at CES 2018: James Stansberry and Peggy Smedley Talked IoT Futures

“Samsung is connecting the world!”

“The IoT is not just about things, it’s about what you get from the things.”

Those snippets are among many highlights of a nearly half-hour interview of Samsung’s James Stansberry on The Peggy Smedley Show, live during CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

James, who is Senior Vice President and General Manager, IoT, for Samsung Electronics, and Peggy, host of an influential weekly IoT podcast, enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation about the Internet of Things and what the future holds.

James described how 75% of Samsung’s products in the CES booth are now connected, meaning that the company is well on its way to fulfilling its commitment made two years ago at a the same show to connect all its products by 2020.

By that time, James expects that IoT as a technology will go from connecting homes, cars, cities, and workplaces to delivering services, healthcare, and things we don’t even know about yet — with blockchain technology providing the transactional infrastructure.

James and Peggy’s discussion also touched on:

  • The importance of an open IoT ecosystem, based on industry standards, as well as industry partnerships
  • How the need for constant vigilance in IoT security led Samsung ARTIK to a ‘first do no harm’ philosophy
  • Making over-the-air updates mandatory in Samsung’s connected products
  • Why not everything will happen in the cloud, and some scenarios where IoT transactions need to take place at the “edge”
  • How connecting everything isn’t the point—but rather connecting the right things so that the data extracted from connected devices can be used to offer services that make sense for adding value to people’s lives
  • Which IoT market segments are the ones to watch in 2018
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in IoT, including examples of Samsung’s Bixby intelligent virtual assistant

Of course, actually predicting the future is impossible. Still, here’s how James summed up his view of what’s to come: “I know we’re going to see the benevolent, the benign , and the intrusive when it comes to IoT.”