Customize your IoT connections with an Approved List of devices

If you’re building an IoT device, check out the new Approved List feature. An Approved List allows you to choose which devices are allowed to register under your device type on ARTIK cloud services, giving you even greater control over your presence on the ecosystem!

How it works

By default, device types do not have an Approved List when they are created. An Approved List must be enabled in the Developer Dashboard or using the API.

  • Approved Lists can be enabled for public, private, and protected device types.
  • Approved Lists can be used with any pricing plan.
  • Device types that are not securely registered on ARTIK cloud services need a public X.509 certificate before they can use an Approved List.
  • An Approved List can only be enabled if no devices are currently registered under the device type.
  • Approved Lists cannot be added for Cloud Connectors at this time.
ARTIK cloud services Approved List

Your Dashboard provides a space to upload an Approved List of devices as a CSV file. This CSV file can specify up to 10,000 devices that are identified by vendor device ID (vdid), a unique string generated by your organization. For example, you might use the MAC/EUI, module type identifier, or serial number as the vendor device ID.

After uploading your CSV file, you can view the device list directly in the Dashboard. Note that the below list also includes the device ID in ARTIK cloud services, as well as a timestamp that indicates when the CSV file finished uploading.

ARTIK cloud services Approved List

You can also use the Dashboard to inspect the status of your last CSV upload. For more information, read our documentation and check out the APIs, which allow you to manage Approved Lists programmatically.