Developing for ARTIK cloud services? Choose your token

ARTIK cloud services provide an IoT open data exchange platform, bringing together devices and applications from different vendors. In order to work together, devices and applications use access tokens when making API requests to ARTIK cloud services. ARTIK cloud services provide three types of access tokens to support a rich set of use cases. It’s very important to understand when to use which token.

This example system shows how the device token, user token, and application token each come into play.

The components that you actually include in your IoT solution depend on your use case. For example,

  • An IoT device manufacturer might develop devices and a user application (for onboarding devices to ARTIK cloud services).
  • An IoT application provider might only develop a user application through which end users can control/monitor their own devices.
  • An analytical service provider might develop both a user application and backend server application in order to access data across users.

The following two developer guides explain everything you need to know about access tokens!

  1. How to choose an access token type
  2. Best practices for designing OAuth2 flows to obtain user and application tokens

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