Partner focus: azeti Networks offers IoT asset management

Editor’s note: In this guest blog post, Samsung ARTIK Partner azeti Networks discusses their solution for industrial remote asset management, and shares a demo they gave at the ARTIK Summit earlier this year. 

Remote Asset Management by azeti

azeti Networks builds software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that helps customers optimize operations in remote locations such as cell towers, manufacturing plants, water pump stations and retail locations. The open architecture of azeti’s software stack allows it to connect to a large number of assets using different protocols, from HVAC systems and boilers to industrial refrigerators and pumps. The monitoring and control capabilities of azeti’s remote asset management software enables customers to have full visibility into their industrial assets and daily operations in remote locations, all on a single display.

Our built-in IoT edge intelligence provides a local rule engine as well as process automation capabilities. This cuts down on the data traffic between remote sites and the central location by more than 98% and increases resilience of remote site operations.

Customers have 24/7 insight into their industrial assets, to see that they are working smoothly or if maintenance is required. This insight lets them optimize their maintenance schedules, as well as the utilization rate of their assets. This results in lower operational costs, due to increased uptime and asset life, reduced energy consumption as well as fewer truck rolls to remote locations.

azeti manages large infrastructures of up to 20,000 distributed locations thanks to its highly scalable architecture using MQTT, the defacto standard in IoT. Its state-of-the-art deployment and provisioning capabilities allows azeti to cut roll-out times and costs of IoT projects.

azeti and ARTIK

azeti uses the ARTIK platform to build powerful solutions, which scale depending on the use case and the assets to be monitored and managed. With ARTIK as the platform, azeti can cover a broad range of projects, whether a single asset like a generator needs to be monitored or an entire cell tower site, water blockhouse or retail location, with many different types of assets.

ARTIK enables azeti to build solutions that are powerful enough to address very complex project requirements, but at the same time easy enough to be managed and deployed by the customer themselves.

 “Reducing complexity and building customer friendly solutions is key for us,” says Florian Hoenigschmid from azeti Networks. “Our solutions come preconfigured and preinstalled. With solutions based on ARTIK and azeti, our customers can solve challenges easily, without any additional engineering effort.”

At the recent ARTIK Summit, azeti talked to many attendees who wanted to hear how they address IoT projects with ARTIK. In this short video, Andrea Mantovani explains the product:

azeti’s Remote Asset Management software helps more than 1,000 businesses around the world lower the cost of controlling, operating and maintaining complex IoT networks.

We invite you to learn more at our website or sign up for an azeti demo here.