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Updated 10/26/2017: Scroll down for session videos!

For those of you at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2017 in San Francisco, we hope you’re having a great time enjoying the talks, demos, and technical sessions. If you aren’t at SDC, you might have missed the latest news on the Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Platform. So let’s catch up!

artik 055s smart iot module
ARTIK 055s Smart IoT Module

Better security, new modules

We all know that security should be a prime motivator for IoT vendors. To make that goal easier, we’ve announced new “s”-models for our Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Modules with advanced protection, integrated cloud services, and hosted security services. Our new modules and services enhance ARTIK end-to-end security by providing greater protection for IoT data as well as prevention against hacking.

We will be making the Samsung ARTIK 053, 530, and 710 Smart IoT modules available in “s”-models, designated ARTIK 053s, 530s, and 710s. Best of all, there will be no increase in price, meaning you won’t have to choose between security and BoM cost. Each Samsung ARTIK IoT module is a true System on Module (SoM), with CPUs, networking, wireless radios, and full system software stack, all build onto a single, easy-to-integrate package.

We have also announced the new Samsung ARTIK 055s Smart IoT module, which shrinks the form factor of the ARTIK 053 and works at 3.3VDC, instead of the 5-12VDC of the ARTIK 053. Learn more about the ARTIK 05x series here.

ARTIK Cloud Enhancements

ARTIK Cloud is getting expanded compatibility, with full integration into Samsung’s new, unified cloud for IoT: SmartThings Cloud. This means you’ll be able to build secure IoT solutions using the new ARTIK “s” modules faster, with the added bonus of meeting the requirements for secure access to Samsung-branded products. Learn more about this integration here.

ARTIK Marketplace

You may have noticed an addition to the main menu on – our new ARTIK Marketplace. In it you’ll find products and services that work with Samsung ARTIK, to make putting together your IoT project easier. Have a look around!


If you missed our recent announcements about support for the Ubuntu OS as the default Linux distribution for the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform, we are transitioning Samsung ARTIK 530 and 710 modules from Fedora to Ubuntu 16.04. Future Linux-based ARTIK modules will also run Ubuntu. We’re doing this to ensure the widest range of support and compatibility.

We’re really excited by these updates and hope you will find them useful additions to the Samsung ARTIK platform, and that they will make it easier for you to build smart, secure IoT products.

You can check out the complete press release here, and get more information on the SmartThings Cloud announcement here

We hope you enjoyed SDC!

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