Kitra Product Accelerators, turning IoT ideas into real products

Editor’s note: In this guest blog post, ARTIK Partner Rushup describes their Kitra “product accelerator boards”, which place Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT Modules in a pre-configured, easy-to-integrate package, complete with built-in sensors and  I/O wiring. 

Getting your Internet of Things (IoT) products to market is especially hard if you can’t invest in the R&D and validation that real-world IoT products require. If you’re a developer or maker of high-mix, low-volume products, you’ll know what we mean.

Enter Samsung ARTIK partner RushUp and its Kitra product accelerator boards.

Even if you’re producing low volumes of IoT products, you can use the general-purpose, highly configurable Kitra 520, Kitra 530, and Kitra 710 product accelerators to deliver IoT products quickly and easily.

As an example, check out this demo of smart city applications powered by Kitra product accelerators, which are fully integrated with Samsung ARTIK modules:


In the video, Christian Ranieri of Rushup explains how the Kitra 520, with built-in sensors and wiring, can be used for multiple smart city applications, including:

  • Wearables that help blind pedestrians navigate city streets
  • Security systems that can trigger alarms based on input from vibration sensors or integrated cameras
  • Environmental monitoring systems that provide real-time information about localized lighting, humidity, temperature, and air quality
  • Smart lighting systems that allow cities to better manage their energy usage

The Kitra 530 manages the Kitra 520 devices wirelessly – using Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, Zigbee®, or Thread protocols – while the Kitra 710 gateway can send data over Ethernet connections to city managers, who can view details about their smart city operations via ARTIK Cloud monitors and make decisions that improve how their city runs.

You don’t need to let low product volumes stand in the way of your IoT development. Visit the RushUp website and find out more about how Kitra product accelerators and the Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform can put your IoT products on the fast track to success.