Keynote recap: James Stansberry at SDC 2017

Updated Oct 19, 2017: Added interview with James Stansberry below.

A highlight for the Samsung ARTIK team at Samsung Developer Conference 2017 today was a keynote by James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ARTIK, who shared what we’ve been working on this year. He talked about how ARTIK makes the task of making secure, interoperable, intelligent IoT products easier, and announced new products and services.

James Stansberry at SDC 2017
James Stansberry at SDC 2017

Our new “s”-series ARTIK Smart IoT Modules add advanced protection, integrated cloud access and security services. Features include Secure Boot and a hardware root of trust from device to cloud. We’re adding new services for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), key management, and code signing to make it easier for developers to implement these critical security measures.

James also discussed the upcoming integration of ARTIK Cloud into the new SmartThings cloud, for even more capability to develop enterprise-grade IoT products and services. You can read more about this integration here

We’re really excited by the combination of the ARTIK IoT Platform and SmartThings Cloud. It represents an amazing opportunity to jump-start your IoT solutions, and orchestrate complex interactions between third party devices and data.

As James said, “It’s up to you and your imagination.”