Ubuntu Comes to the Samsung ARTIK IoT Platform

One of the world’s most popular Linux operating systems is now part of the Samsung ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu open-source software platform, and Samsung are teaming up to make Ubuntu the default Linux distribution for the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform.

Through the new partnership, ARTIK 530 and ARTIK 710 modules will incorporate Ubuntu 16.04 as their primary Linux distribution.

What does this mean for ARTIK developers and users?

  • Greater long-term support, including five-year Ubuntu maintenance and security updates
  • Developer support for numerous connectivity options, including Wi-Fi®, Zigbee®, Bluetooth®, audio, video, and graphical frameworks
  • Access to Ubuntu’s growing network of applications within the IoT space
  • Access by Samsung ARTIK device and platform developers to the large, well-established Ubuntu developer community

This new partnership opens many new opportunities for innovation across the entire IoT ecosystem, and particularly for the ARTIK end-to-end IoT platform.

Concurrent with this, we are realizing a new ARTIK SDK, release 1.5, and ARTIK IDE, which will support Ubuntu on the ARTIK 530 and 710. 

Dig deeper into the Samsung ARTIK platform and development tools here. And be sure to read the Ubuntu blog on this topic for more information!