Getting Started with AWS Greengrass (firmware update)

samsung artik 530Samsung ARTIK has released new firmware images for the ARTIK 530 and ARTIK 710 with full support for AWS Greengrass. In this post, we will dive into what it takes to get started developing software for Greengrass on ARTIK. 

AWS has published an extensive Greengrass developer guide found here:

This guide includes two sample scenarios, a HelloWorld scenario and a RobotArm scenario. We recommend the HelloWorld scenario to start with, which starts here:

Browse the steps to get an idea of what will be covered. However, there are some steps specific to ARTIK not covered in the guide which we will cover below.

First off, you will need to update your ARTIK 530 or ARTIK 710 firmware with the latest images that support Greengrass. They can be downloaded here:

These are the specific versions you will need to download for each module:

For ARTIK 530: 
ARTIK 530 Firmware Image A530-OS-2.1.0
Firmware 0530GC0F-44F-01Q5

For ARTIK 710:
ARTIK 710 Firmware Image A710-OS-2.2.0
Firmware 0710GC0F-44F-01QC

Once you download the correct image, please follow the instructions for updating your ARTIK module from this guide:

After your ARTIK module has been updated, please install the sqlite and unzip packages:

    # dnf install sqlite
    # dnf install unzip

 Then, create a Greengrass user and group:

    # groupadd --system ggc_group
    # adduser --system ggc_user

When you are ready to download the Greengrass core software and copy to your ARTIK module, choose the ARMv7l version, which will result in a file called greengrass-linux-armv7l-1.0.0.tar.gz. From there, follow the AWS developer guide above while skipping the replacement steps we just covered.

We hope this post helps put you on the right track for getting started with AWS Greengrass for Samsung ARTIK. Stay tuned for further examples coming in the future.

More product info and where to purchase kits for the ARTIK 530 and ARTIK 710 modules: