ARTIK Cloud is the ideal cloud platform for IoT

If you’re making an IoT product, you need a platform. And you don’t need to build it! This post by IoT For All’s Daniel Elizalde gives one of the best explanations of the topic we’ve yet seen, and we’re pleased to be recognized as a top IoT platform. Here’s why we think Samsung ARTIK is your IoT platform of choice.

Samsung ARTIK is a complete IoT hardware and software platform. Samsung ARTIK has pre-certified, production-ready hardware, enterprise-quality cloud features, integrated security, and the technical support and partner ecosystem you need to bring your ideas to market.

In his post, Daniel argues that IoT developers shouldn’t reinvent the wheel.

By using a platform, you’ll save costs because you’ll have more functionality with less engineering effort, sooner. And you can focus your development efforts on what really matters: your core value proposition.

“With the right platform,” says Abhi Rele, ARTIK Cloud’s Director of Product Marketing, “you can take that core proposition to market sooner, at lower development risk and cost.” It’s important not to overlook the word “core”. We all know that IoT is about bridging devices, services, and users in homes, cities, and beyond. But not everyone has the capacity or resources to worry about building the bridges that support the data being moved. That’s what ARTIK Cloud is for.

If you aren’t thinking of using an IoT platform, I assure you your competitor is. Don’t be surprised if they beat you to market and are able to provide more value added features faster.

ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform. It provides an infrastructure to let you focus on making your contribution to the Internet of Things, whether it’s a healthcare, consumer, building, or industrial device; a smart home gateway; an analytics or voice recognition engine; or another cloud. This infrastructure stores and aggregates, transports, and most notably, brokers data between data sources. All data formats on the platform are normalized to speak the same language using Manifests, which is why there’s no need for anyone on ARTIK Cloud to develop custom, point-to-point integrations for their solutions. This scalable data-driven approach makes the wilderness of third-party IoT devices and services, which is growing exponentially, truly interoperable.

It takes a few minutes to connect a working device, with many popular third-party products already tested and verified, and a handful of steps to move into the production phase. Developers on ARTIK Cloud are able to start moving data quickly and securely so that the most important (and interesting) work—defining the rules that govern interactions and yield insights—can proceed.

It’s a short step from customizing individual connections to managing devices at industrial scale. With ARTIK Cloud’s device management features, organizations can perform tasks such as firmware updates on a fleet of devices, using the Device Mirror and LWM2M protocol. We view ARTIK Cloud as the Conductor that keeps all these data sources and smart interactions playing smoothly in concert. You, meanwhile, create the value by composing new scenarios and use cases for the data.

One of the big advantages of jumping onto a platform is that you piggy-back on their growth. Top companies have hundreds of developers working on enhancements and new functionality.

Let’s expand the above to include the wider developer community that supports all of us. Currently on ARTIK Cloud, developers have published more than 1,000 new IoT device types that are available for other devices and applications to work with. Every developer, using our extensive open APIs, can benefit from the contributions of others on the platform. A device maker utilizes our Online Device Simulator to onboard and test a new device type. An application developer discovers this device type and can immediately utilize it as a potential data source. In the background, ARTIK Cloud provides the space and security for these connections to be made. The siloed, end-to-end systems of yesterday’s IoT have suddenly become a single functioning ecosystem.

The industry is moving quickly to deliver the promise of IoT. This means changing protocols and standards, and a lot of engineering overhead, on the horizon. Keep focused on your vision while the ARTIK Cloud platform does the work of connecting your ideas with the developer community. Learn more about ARTIK Cloud features and visit our developer site once you’re ready. Getting started is free! If you’re looking to build a custom enterprise solution, get in touch so that we can ensure your particular needs are met.