Transform Connected Product Data into Actionable Insights

Looking at the use and importance of analytics in the web, mobile application and social spaces, it is evident that data-driven decision-making is a crucial factor in determining the competitiveness and relevance of today’s companies. Most websites, mobile applications and social engines – new and existing – have analytics as an integral part of their product and business strategy.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no different.

More and more connected product manufacturers already embrace analytics as the cornerstone of their connected product experience and associated service delivery. Their primary motivator for adopting analytics is to leverage:

  1. Real-time usage/performance feedback to drive better and more-focused development
  2. Insights for improvement and optimization of value-added services to spur new monetization avenues

mnubo is an IoT company, providing a SaaS analytics solution for connected product manufacturers and service providers. mnubo’s SmartObjects solution extracts business value from IoT data by delivering out-of-the-box insights, and advanced artificial intelligence that helps the manufacturer understand product usage, performance, failures, operating conditions and other critical KPIs.

full iot stackSmartObjects is designed to analyze the various aspects of IoT sensor data (i.e data about, around and from the connected object). With a 360 view on IoT data, SmartObjects offers valuable insights throughout the entire connected product development process (i.e. design, field trials, production and beyond) both from an R&D, product management, operations, marketing and C-level perspective.

The SmartObjects / ARTIK Cloud integration helps bring IoT projects to market quickly and seamlessly. It allows customers to evolve from pure connectivity to connectivity with advanced IoT analytics. Available as a turnkey solution, customers can benefit from a fully managed solution purpose-built for the IoT.

Integration with SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud

mnumbo architecture overview
FIGURE 2.0 ARTIK Cloud-MNUBO Architecture Overview


Users authorized on ARTIK Cloud are also authorized on SmartObjects via Single Sign On.


ARTIK Cloud data model is defined through a device type manifest. Every device type in ARTIK Cloud has its own manifest – an easy description of the device attributes and actions. SmartObjects automatically detects the data model from the ARTIK Cloud device manifest and populates its own data model.


The ARTIK Cloud firehose websocket then send all the required data to SmartObjects, i.e. historical data, provisioning data (creates, updates, etc.) and real-time data (events, timeseries, etc.).

mnubo analytics platform

Combining ARTIK Cloud with SmartObjects as the data analytics layer addresses the question ‘connected, now what?’. It enables connected product manufacturers to:

  • Understand how customers are interacting with their products
  • Assess the risk of churn and take actions to minimize customer attrition
  • Deliver a seamless connected product experience
  • Track issues to measure install base health
  • Identify potential problems and take preventative actions before they occur, etc.

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