Sharpen Your IoT Edge with Samsung ARTIK and SAP Leonardo

Samsung ARTIK and SAP have teamed up to help you sharpen your IoT edge.

What’s the big deal about the IoT edge? Despite all the advantages of processing IoT data in the cloud, sometimes it’s just not practical to send IoT device data to the cloud for analysis.

Maybe you have IoT devices beyond the reach of cloud network communications. Maybe you need IoT data analytics faster than the time it takes for data to travel to and from the cloud. Maybe you operate under laws or regulations that forbid certain kinds of data from leaving your premises. Or maybe you need to save mobile communications costs by doing more of your IoT data processing locally.

Whatever your reason for seeking local or edge processing of IoT device data, now you can use the Samsung ARTIK™ 530 and 710 gateway modules with SAP® Leonardo IoT Edge to get secure, powerful IoT edge processing, whenever and wherever you need it.

SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system from SAP that combines the software capabilities of IoT, machine learning, big data and analytics on the SAP Cloud Platform. Certification of the ARTIK modules for SAP Leonardo means you can use SAP Leonardo for IoT edge processing with full confidence.

Find out more about how Samsung ARTIK and SAP Leonardo can help reduce development risk and accelerate the time to value for your IoT projects that involve edge processing.