Security for ARTIK Cloud devices is as simple as drag-and-drop

Security is a top priority on ARTIK Cloud, and we have made it simpler to ensure your devices are secure on the platform. You can upload and manage your device certificates directly on the Developer Dashboard.

We have updated our security documentation to reflect this new streamlined process. If you are developing devices, navigate to the Dashboard to enable secure device registration and upload a CA (Certificate Authority) certificate for your device type. More than one CA certificate can be uploaded, and at least one must be uploaded. Note that your organization must be using the Enterprise pricing plan to enable secure device registration.

We recommend that you (as the device manufacturer) generate and store the client certificate in the secure element of your device. This is the certificate used during the TLS handshake with ARTIK Cloud.

The web flow for device types is self-explanatory, but be sure to read our instructions for generating a private key and certificates, nothing that the specific commands will vary according to your use case and security requirements.

In addition, we have introduced a new API that can be called to get information about a device’s certificates.

Our documentation has the full details!