Samsung ARTIK joins AWS Greengrass

Today, the Samsung ARTIK team attended the Amazon Web Services event in San Francisco where AWS Greengrass was formally announced. AWS Greengrass lets you run local compute, messaging and data caching for connected devices in a secure way. And we were there because this technology is well aligned with the capabilities built into the Samsung ARTIK Smart Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

artik 710 on aws greengrass
ARTIK 710 running on AWS Greengrass

As you know by now, Samsung ARTIK modules are fully integrated systems-on-module designed for the Internet of Things, with powerful ARM processors, DRAM, flash, and a variety of wireless connectivity options. The ARTIK 530 and 710 IoT modules, currently supported on AWS Greengrass include integrated Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, and ZigBee® radios, are pre-tested for regulatory certification, and are ready for development and production.

Enterprise and industrial companies using ARTIK with AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass will appreciate the strong security features built into ARTIK, including hardware-based security subsystems on most modules.

The ability to do local processing, running AWS Lambda functions with data caching on ARTIK, is ideal for many industrial applications where unreliable connections or bandwidth costs may prohibit constant streaming to the cloud.

We are excited to be working with Amazon and help enterprise and industrial customers looking to leverage more computing at the edge through AWS Greengrass, while adding the advanced security and capabilities that the Samsung ARTIK platform provides.

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