demos at Samsung ARTIK Partner Summit

Editor’s note: In this guest blog post, Samsung ARTIK Partner reports on a demo they gave at the ARTIK Summit in May. 

The team had a great time demonstrating how ARTIK users can remotely manage and update their fleets of devices at the ARTIK summit on May 15th.

In this video, we show several ARTIK 10 devices, each connected to a display and a proximity sensor. We start with a simple app running on the devices, with an image on the screen indicating that the proximity sensor is not yet activated. We then change the application code to activate the sensor and git push the code via, which deploys the update out to our ARTIK fleet.

Once the devices are running the latest version of our application, the proximity sensors will detect a hand waved in front of the device, showing a different image each time. The application is also integrated with the ARTIK cloud, and if the proper credentials are added (as environment variables on, the devices will stream events directly to the ARTIK cloud platform.

By combining with ARTIK devices and the ARTIK Cloud platform, you can easily develop, deploy, and manage code across your fleet. Sign up for free to try on your ARTIK devices, and even recreate this demo from our GitHub repo!