IoT is a long haul. We’re in. 

module specsAt Samsung ARTIK, we understand that the Internet of Things is here for the long term. With an enormous potential market, and benefits limited only by your imagination, you need to ensure that your IoT supplier is in it for the long haul. That’s why the Samsung ARTIK 020, 030, 053, ARTIK 530, and ARTIK 710 IoT Modules have a guaranteed supply lifetime of five years from date of introduction. 

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ARTIK Modules cover a range of use cases, from small, connected “things” to IoT hubs and gateways. They come with a wide range of connectivity options. Many of our modules include built-in, hardware based security.

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Develop for Samsung ARTIK Modules with the tools you’re already used to using: C++, Python, Node-RED, to name a few.

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But the ARTIK platform is more than just modules—it includes Samsung ARTIK Cloud, which provides the product lifecycle management and interoperability features you need to meet your IoT goals. With ARTIK Cloud, you have what you need to deploy and manage your products and services and to connect them to each other and to third-party clouds and devices.

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To this we add an ecosystem of partners to help your IoT project succeed. From design, development and manufacturing to tools and components, Samsung ARTIK ecosystem partners have you covered.

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