How to learn ARTIK Cloud in two clicks

The developers we meet are often surprised and excited about how easy ARTIK Cloud makes connecting and managing a fully interoperable, data-driven device ecosystem. Our developer documentation covers a lot of features, and we’re aware that this can be overwhelming to a first-time developer on the platform.

In response to this, we have created a new category of documentation that explains how to transition from concept to working product using basic ARTIK Cloud features and tools. The How To section now addresses the topics we are most frequently asked about. We’ll be adding to this section regularly!

How To articles are written to:

  • Address common ARTIK Cloud development questions and feedback
  • Explain how to use ARTIK Cloud in your development process, in as few steps as possible
  • Give prompts for further development with deep-dive links into ARTIK Cloud feature documentation

The How To section already explains how to prototype and deploy devices to quickly get your solution up and running on ARTIK Cloud, onboard physical devices in a number of scenarios, create a Simple Manifest to interpret your device data, create Cloud Connectors to utilize third-party clouds as data sources; and add Cloud Connectors to applications.

Keep an eye on this space! We plan to cover the full range of IoT development.