ARTIK Cloud introduces Alexa to Legrand Smart Lighting

Our partner Legrand has created a brand-new integration between its lighting products and Amazon Alexa, brokered by Samsung ARTIK Cloud. Legrand announced that its radiant® RF (radio frequency) Lighting Control and adorne® Wi-Fi Ready Lighting systems can now be voice-controlled using Amazon Alexa. Here’s how ARTIK Cloud makes it possible with a straightforward connection.

The integration of Legrand and Alexa requires a Legrand LC7001 Whole House Lighting Controller and an ARTIK Cloud account. Users activate the “Samsung ARTIK Cloud Optimized for Smart Home” icon in their Amazon Alexa app and follow some simple instructions to complete the integration. 

The ARTIK Cloud platform, which is data-agnostic and designed for true interoperability, allows the LC7001 Hub to exchange data with Amazon Alexa. The physical lights can thus receive commands directly from Alexa. If you own these systems and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, you can now power and dim your lights simply by saying phrases like, “Alexa, dim the living room lights 25 percent,” or “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light.” In fact, you can even use the Alexa app’s Groups function to control several lights at once with a single command. No need to reach for another device just to flip the switch. 

Legrand recently launched the Eliot (Electricity + IoT) program in North America. Eliot is a global Legrand IoT program that brings together the Internet of Things and Legrand’s worldwide expertise to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment.

Legrand is among a growing number of IoT products verified to work with Samsung ARTIK Cloud. At ARTIK Cloud, we’re excited to be working together with Legrand on a common mission: to build meaningful data-driven connections and accelerate new insights and value. You can read the press release here.

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