ARTIK Cloud now works with Google Assistant Direct Actions

google home speakerWe are thrilled to announce that Samsung ARTIK Cloud now works with the new Google Assistant Direct Actions. With this integration, any device connected to ARTIK Cloud can be controlled by voice using the Google Assistant, beginning on Google Home

A few examples of what you can do today if you own a Google Home:.

  • Lights: “Ok Google, dim my <light name> to 30%”
  • Door Lock: “Ok Google, lock the <door name>”
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner: “Ok Google, stop cleaning and return to base”
  • and many more (view complete list of devices that work with ARTIK Cloud)

Enable voice control for your devices on Google Home

Connect your devices to ARTIK Cloud and your customers can control them using their voice thanks to this new integration with the Google Assistant on Google Home. Get started in as little as 4 minutes. ARTIK Cloud supports both native devices as well as existing cloud connected devices. Connect your devices natively using RESTMQTTWebsocket, or CoAP. Or use our cloud connector capability to easily and quickly connect your existing web API to ARTIK Cloud. Now end-users can interact with your devices using their voice on the Google Home. 

To get started, visit and get started for free.