Announcing a new, simpler pricing model for ARTIK Cloud

We’re excited to announce a new, simpler pricing model for Samsung ARTIK Cloud. In our continual effort to enable developers to quickly build secure and interoperable IoT products and solutions, we are making it even easier for you to adopt ARTIK Cloud. The new pricing model is now available.

Key changes

  • Pricing is now applied to the organization, not to each device type. We believe this will help you manage many device types effectively through a single pricing model.
  • A revised FREE tier (formerly Hobbyist) expanded to 100,000 messages per month, independent of the number of devices connected, and without any daily quotas. We believe a monthly quota that includes all your device, cloud, and app messages will give you more freedom to build and test your devices.
  • A new Small Business plan that replaces the Startup, Business, and Growth tiers. No contract. Pay with your credit card. 
  • Simplified enterprise plans that make it easy for large companies with multiple product lines and business units to adopt ARTIK Cloud. These subscription plans are ideal if you have large scale deployments with a need for custom retention period, an availability SLA, and enterprise support.

In addition to the new plans, we will be launching new usage and billing reports that make it easier for you to track your usage. As before, you can still connect an unlimited number of devices and apps to ARTIK Cloud. 

What it means for you

No action needed.

If you were using the existing self-service pricing tiers (Hobbyist, Startup, Business, and Growth), you will be automatically migrated to the new free plan. You can then use the free plan or upgrade to the Small Business plan or contact us and we’ll get you setup with an enterprise plan that meets your needs. Current enterprise customers will continue to use their existing plans.

One more thing…

The free tier is always free and continues to provide you access to all our features. That means you can try all our features for free – connect a device to the cloud, build a cloud to cloud connector or use one of the 50 tested and verified built-in connectors, manage a device using LWM2M, perform an over-the-air update, share your device with others, use the orchestration engine, and much, much more.

Login to your ARTIK Cloud account to check out the new plans, and the new usage and billing reports. We’d love to hear your comments!

Any questions? Feel free to email us at or for sales, email