Our Tips on Making IoT Work for You

If you’re intrigued by the Internet of Things but aren’t sure where to start, you’re going to enjoy our new video. In our latest webinar, Jeanine Jue from the ARTIK Cloud team gives a wide-ranging introduction to the many opportunities in IoT, from basic facts everyone should know to specific case studies of IoT in action.

Below is the video, along with a few of its highlights.

Developers are a key IoT opportunity

It may sound surprising, but one of the greatest opportunities in IoT is the IoT Developer. The number of connected devices is increasing rapidly, up to an estimated 30 billion this year, and developers will build the solutions to make smart and valuable connections between IoT devices. To reach 50 billion connected devices by 2020, we will need more than 10 million developers!

Developers face many challenges in IoT, ranging from security and continuous delivery to connectivity and true interoperability. That’s why we have designed ARTIK Cloud to be an open platform where everyone can focus on their core competency.

Services increase value

A lot of data is generated in IoT, and services ensure that smart products grow in value over time. In other words, developers of applications are as crucial to a healthy IoT as are device manufacturers.

Along with their connected products, for example, Nest and Ring also offer subscription services as a way to drive value. And in digital health, the emphasis is now on providing a stream of preventative insights to the consumer, enabling them to track their own health.

In one spectacular case, Peugeot has integrated ARTIK Cloud into its Instinct Concept car. ARTIK Cloud is the backbone of the car’s onboard IoT dashboard, which not only connects to your smartphone and smartwatch but also your social media and smart home devices. Your data becomes part of your drive.

Solve one problem at a time

Focusing on consumers and how they buy will go a long way. One example comes from smart homes. Ring quickly gained traction by presenting a simple, effective solution to a single common problem: you’re waiting for a package, and you don’t want it to get stolen. Therefore, you want to see who is at the door. 

Carnival has introduced a wearable for its cruise passengers based on the following principle: each guest is different, so the things that make them happy are different. As Jeanine explains, Carnival’s wearable succeeds because it minimizes actions, maximizes automation, and personalizes actions as a result.

Create new services using a data-driven approach

The shift toward meaningful data is even seen at the industrial scale. Industrial companies are becoming software and analytics companies. With increased production and efficiency comes a new need to analyze data to continue improving that production and efficiency. Rather than focus only on the machinery, IoT provides the ability to look at how the machinery is working together.

As this slide in the video shows, value is created by making sense of data. Entirely new services can be borne from the intersections of data: for example, a smart car manufacturer could partner with auto insurance companies, analyzing historical collision data to provide the user with quotes for insurance.

How ARTIK Cloud helps

ARTIK Cloud, as an open data exchange platform, allows you to connect devices and cloud services and create smart interactions between them. It’s API-first, fully integrated with a wide range of IoT products and services, and designed for true interoperability. The platform includes support for many different communication protocols, built-in security, device management features, and a robust Rules engine for defining smart interactions between devices.