NITT Make-a-thon with Samsung and ARTIK

At Samsung, we love encouraging young minds to think about technology in creative ways. This year, as part of the Probe 2017 technology festival in India, we collaborated with the hosts, the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT), to put on a “make-a-thon” using the Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform. 

The Samsung Semiconductor India R&D sent Rajiv Nigam and his team to spearhead the make-a-thon, which focused on solutions to common challenges using IoT and ARTIK. Having selected 10 entries ahead of time to participate, the session was kicked off in the late evening. 


the ssir team
The Samsung Semiconductor India R&D team
Students hard at work!
Make-a-thon in progress

Day 2 found the 10 teams hard at work on their ideas, with the Samsung volunteers giving them guidance as needed in setting up boards, getting them connected, etc. Most of the nearly 30 students were in their third year at school and were well prepared for the challenges they set for themselves. The Samsung team was supposed to provide inspiration, but found themselves being inspired instead!

The make-a-thon concluded on Day 3, with two winning teams chosen and awarded a two-month internship at SSIR for their efforts. The winning ideas addressed issues in health and agriculture. 

Winners of Makeathon with the Samsung team (standing)

Here are the ideas that made it to the top 10:

Smart Health Monitoring System (Winner) – Monitors patient’s physiological parameters, such as heart rate, temperature, blood glucose level, blood pressure etc. A remote specialist can monitor the patient’s condition, enabling them to call for help in case of an emergency.

Smart Agriculture Farm Assistant (Winner) – A concept to improve farming efficiency by assisting famers with important decisions during the crop cycle. Uses a variety of data, including soil moisture and humidity sensors, weather data, and databases of crop types and requirements to optimize water use and other key decision points.

A Smart Walking Stick For The Blind – A portable, user-friendly device that can identify obstacles in the user’s path using ultrasonic sensors.

Automated Medicine Reminder Bot – A bot that not only reminds the person to take the correct medicine on time, but also brings medicine to them. It can also notify doctors or relatives whether the medicine was taken or not through the app.

Energy Saving System for an Intelligent Smart Home – The system receives data from multiple sensors, such as LDR (light), hall sensors (for fans), etc., connected to a wireless Module. The Samsung ARTIK™ 520 collects and stores data from those sensors at regular intervals,then uses a machine learning algorithm to learn and predict the average usage of fixtures and appliances each day. If it finds any appliance consuming more power than usual, it notifies the user.

Reckless Driving Safety and Prevention – Fatal road accidents can be easily avoided by understanding the psychological state of driver. This project helps identify reckless driving behaviors by constantly monitoring various vehicle parameters, then gives a warning message when it identifies such behaviors. It can also take control of the vehicle to prevent potential harm.

Smart Bed – Knows when user is sleeping and gets to know their sleep patterns. Resulting reports can be used to encourage a healthy sleep cycle. Data can be synced to the user’s smart phone to ensure any pending tasks are complete before sleep. It can also be synced to other devices – speakers, smart lights, TV – to play music or even switch devices off to save energy when you’re sleeping.

Mindstorm – Uses brain waves to control devices connected to the internet, while efficiently collecting scientific research data as a side benefit. A patient would be able to send signals or alert the hospital staff or doctors directly just by thoughts alone. The generated brain waves are used to trigger signals to the connected devices.

Pollution Monitoring – If the level of pollution exceeds a certain tolerance , the wireless module sends users a warning via SMS.

Smart Energy Monitoring System – Regulates the energy consumed by the electrical devices in a home by keeping tabs on their energy consumption. Information collected not only can help save power by alerting users to the power being used, but also to help manufacturers improve the product by understand usage patters.

The Samsung ARTIK team would like to congratulate all of the participants in this make-a-thon, as well as our compatriots at SSIR. Big thanks to Rafiq and Dinesh for managing, planning, and executing the event, and to Chakradhar (NITT alumnus) for kicking things off. Great job, everybody!