Generate and test data in seconds with the Online Device Simulator

Have you checked out the ARTIK Cloud Command Line Device Simulator? It’s a command line tool that makes it easy to connect to ARTIK Cloud and send pre-recorded data to simulate an actual device. Today we’re excited to announce a brand-new addition to your lineup of tools: the Online Device Simulator, accessible at My ARTIK Cloud.

The Online Device Simulator is designed for ARTIK Cloud users to quickly generate data from any number of device fields and devices, which can be immediately visualized in Charts and reviewed in Logs. If you want to test a device type but don’t have an actual device to generate data, you can use the Online Device Simulator to simulate its output even without authenticating the device.

It is currently in Beta and has a different feature set than our Command Line Device Simulator. We are actively building out this tool, so stay tuned!

NOTE: Simulated data generated by the Online Device Simulator will count toward your pricing plan.

How it works

Sign in to your ARTIK Cloud Account and select “Devices”. On the left-hand side of the “Devices” page, click “Show Simulator” under “Developer Tool”.

The Online Device Simulator opens in the right sidebar. You can click “Import Scenario” to select a saved JSON configuration of devices and data fields. If you don’t have a saved scenario, click “Select A Device” to get started.

The pulldown list is populated with all the devices you have connected in My ARTIK Cloud. Remember that you do not need to own an actual device in order to connect an instance of a device type. If the device you want to simulate is not on the list, first connect it in My ARTIK Cloud.

Select a data field you want to simulate and click “Next”. The fields are drawn from the Manifest belonging to this device type. If you are testing a device type you created, changing the available data fields is as simple as updating your Manifest in the Developer Dashboard.

In the next window, you define the data pattern and time interval for the simulated data. The interval value determines how frequently messages are sent to ARTIK Cloud. The data pattern can have one of four types:

  • Random makes random selections from a comma-separated list or range of values.
  • Increment steps up to a maximum value, and can repeat when the maximum is reached.
  • Constant value outputs one value.
  • Cycle alternates between a comma-separated series of values.

After adding each desired field, your simulation is ready to run!

Click “Start Simulation” and the simulated data will begin to be sent to ARTIK Cloud. You can pause the simulation at any time in the Online Device Simulator pane or by clicking “Pause” in the banner.

Click on the Charts tab and you will be able to see the data recorded in real-time at ARTIK Cloud.


Don’t forget to save your scenario as a JSON file if you expect to test this configuration frequently. Your Online Device Simulator settings will be lost if you navigate away from My ARTIK Cloud.

And that’s it! In just a handful of clicks you can connect and have a virtual fleet of devices communicating with ARTIK Cloud, with their data recorded and ready to visualize or export. We hope this new tool encourages you to bring your IoT dreams into reality.

Interested in trying out Samsung ARTIK Cloud? Sign up for a developer account and connect devices and services while bypassing silos. We look forward to seeing your IoT solutions!