Kitra 520 “product accelerator” board now available

You may remember that last April, at the Samsung Developer Conference, we met the FAE++ team who introduced the world to the Kitra 520, a “product accelerator” board for the ARTIK 520 module. Not much larger than the ARTIK module itself, the Kitra 520 board provides a compact, ready backbone for the ARTIK 520 module along with a suite of built-in sensors and a wiring harness for GPIOs.

artik smart light pole with kitra
ARTIK 520 and Kitra-520 board with workshop “Smart Lightpoles”

If you’ve been to an ARTIK workshop lately, the name will be familiar, as it’s the basis for our Smart Lightpole project! We love its small form factor and the fact that you can use it right off the shelf as a base for your IoT project. Not only do you skip the silicon step, as we’ve taken care of that, you also skip the board fabrication step. Just apply power, hook up any other attachments you need (it has quite a collection on-board), and start programming. 

They’ve even made programming easier with their KITRA-COM library, which lets you access Kitra’s real-time sections with a single serial library. 

We are very happy to let you know that the Kitra 520 is now available on Digi-Key to help you build your next IoT project.