ARTIK Workshop NYC – Event recap

On March 30th, the ARTIK Ecosystem team conducted a hands-on ARTIK workshop for developers hosted by SamsungNEXT in New York City. From this fantastic urban space, 28 developers participated in the several-hour event. The workshop featured the ARTIK 520 module mounted in a KITRA host board. Each attendee was provided their own hardware to work with.

The guided exercises, led by Wei Xiao, focused on a smart utility pole scenario. This included running local software on the device, capturing sensor data to build local dashboards, and sending that data to cloud services for further processing. Each utility pole represented a landmark location around NYC, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building to the Met.

wei and smart utility poles at artik workshop
Wei shows off the ARTIK-based smart utility poles

We wrote code that monitored the temperature, tilt, and vibration of the utility poles and plotted the aggregated data on a Google map along with the status. Obviously, the GPS coordinates were pre-configured since we did not physically visit the sites! We explored Node-RED, Mosquitto, MQTT, Zigbee, Samsung ARTIK Cloud, and other IoT technologies through this scenario.

artik workshop full house
Full house!

Many of the attending developers were professionals in the field, and we successfully built out our network of utility poles while learning how to work with ARTIK along the way. Although the ARTIK platform supports countless uses and capabilities, this was a fun and practical way to connect some of the technologies ARTIK supports in a very relevant IoT example. Attendees were amazed how much we accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Pizza and beverages followed the workshop to reward our hard work. Many folks hung around and we had some great conversations about all the possibilities that the future of IoT brings. The ARTIK Ecosystem team had a lot of fun, and we look forward to putting on more events like these.

Thanks to SamsungNEXT for inviting us, and of course to all the developers who participated. We hope to see you all again soon at an upcoming ARTIK workshop!

Dan Gross is Director of Developer Support for the Samsung ARTIK Ecosystem team.