Reekoh adds ARTIK integration to their Enterprise IoT iPaaS

Editor’s note: We invited our newest Certified ARTIK Partner, Reekoh, to discuss a topic they were passionate about and that motivates them in business. In this guest blog post, Dale Rankine, CEO and co-founder of Reekoh, discusses some of the challenges involved in bringing IoT to the enterprise, and how Samsung ARTIK Cloud users can take advantage of Reekoh’s ARTIK integration to create “data pipelines” for their ARTIK Cloud-connected devices and clouds.

Overcoming Hurdles to Enterprise IoT Adoption

It’s widely accepted that the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring a new dimension to enterprise business growth. As we begin to move through the IoT market maturity model, from focusing on operational efficiency, to business insights and ultimately business transformation, the challenges for enterprises trying to adopt IoT strategies and technologies become clearer.

Gartner has commented on these challenges in their research, proposing that after cybersecurity, integration is the next most critical hurdle to enterprise IoT adoption. Furthermore, orchestration of workflows and processes are or major concern.

As a leading open Integration Platform as aService (iPaaS), purpose-built for IoT, Reekoh is providing tools for enterprises to overcome these hurdles, and working with partners such as Samsung ARTIK to integrate best-of-breed components into IoT solutions.

Key value-drivers for Reekoh

  1. Bringing IoT device data closer to the business by integrating it with existing business systems, tools and processes
  2. Leveraging existing investment in those business systems and processes, and reduce the amount of “new technology” that an end-user needs to be trained on and to engage with
  3. Allowing solutions to be developed with best-of-breed components from all areas of the IoT solution value chain; device, network, services and applications

Key features

Plugins and Plugin Store

Our integration capabilities are enabled through our open-source Plugin Framework, delivering modular and reusable integration assets to users through our Plugin Store. We currently have more than 100 plugins available, with more being added all the time. This delivers ongoing benefit to our customers, as the capability continues to expand once they are on the Reekoh platform.

Plugins aren’t limited to connectors to cloud platforms; they can point to device makers, network providers, tools and services (such as analytics, machine learning, AI and more). This is how Reekoh brings the full IoT ecosystem together and enables customers with a flexible framework and scalable platform.

You can browse the Reekoh Plugin Store on our website, which includes the Samsung ARTIK Cloud plugins that are ready to use when integrating ARTIK device data with enterprise solutions.

Pipeline Studio™

Once plugins are installed on the Reekoh platform, users can design the data workflows connecting various plugins through the Pipeline Studio™ design tool. A drag-and-drop interface lets the user easily install plugins to the canvas, link them in simple or complex workflows, and add other native Reekoh components such as Data Convertors, Filters (for logic-driven actions and outcomes) and Device Commands (sending messages back to IoT devices through Reekoh).

ARTIK and Reekoh screenshot

Benefits to Samsung ARTIK customers

Using Reekoh, Samsung ARTIK Cloud customers can easily and quickly integrate device data with whatever tools and systems will provide the greatest benefit to their business and solution requirements. With ARTIK Cloud plugins already available in the Plugin Store, there is no development required in sync, ingest and prepare ARTIK Cloud device data for enterprise integration.

Using the ARTIK Device Sync plugin, the registry of devices in ARTIK Cloud is kept in sync with Reekoh’s built-in device management tools, meaning that all ARTIK devices are automatically synced as authenticated devices in Reekoh without any double-handling or duplicated data entry. Then, using the ARTIK Stream Plugin, Reekoh subscribes to individual device data from ARTIK Cloud, and brings it into the Reekoh platform ready for integration.

Reekoh has written a “how-to-guide” for using the ARTIK Cloud plugins available with Reekoh, which you can read here.

Our future

There is an exciting roadmap of features in development for Reekoh that will take the integration model even further. Our vision is to be the world’s leading IoT business enablement company, providing the tools not just for data integration, but for powering the creation of new IoT businesses and revenue streams for enterprise.  

Reekoh is the Platform for the Business of Things™.

For more information, please visit the Reekoh website or contact the sales team directly.

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