ARTIK Cloud’s Featured Cloud Connectors for Health & Self Improvement

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In our previous post, we featured our new Cloud Connector for Foobot, which allows you to connect your Foobot to ARTIK Cloud by using its cloud as the data source.

We are excited to announce five new Cloud Connectors for health and self improvement built by our ARTIK Cloud engineering team! Cloud Connectors allow you to add more devices and services to your ARTIK Cloud experience, as well as create great interactions between them through the use of ARTIK Cloud Rules.

Google Fit is an activity tracker designed to record your activities as you walk, run, or cycle throughout the day. Your phone or Android Wear watch automatically logs them with Google Fit. Create a Rule that once you have reached your activity goal for the day, you can lower the blinds, dim the lights, and fire up the TV for movie night using the Logitech Harmony, which allows you to connect lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment, and more.

HugOne allows you to retrieve your sleep data directly on ARTIK Cloud. Through the use of this device, you can determine who is awake, who has restful sleep, and the overall environment in the bedroom, including temperature/humidity levels and possible air pollution. Indoor air quality has a significant impact on sleep, and HugOne sends a notification message to ARTIK Cloud when the indoor air quality drops to a certain level. One of many great ways to use HugOne data in ARTIK Cloud is to set a Rule stating that if the air quality drops to an unhealthy level, then send an Action to automatically turn on your outlet device which has the air purifier. Or, if you have a Nest Thermostat, if HugOne detects an uncomfortable sleep temperature (let’s say under 60 degrees Fahrenheit), then send an Action to your Nest Thermostat to increase the temperature in the room.

Pavlok is a wristband that helps you stay disciplined in maintaining good habits by shocking you if you participate in a bad habit. Try creating this simple Rule: if Google Fit reports minimal activities, then send an Action to Pavlok to give you a shock, beep, or vibrate to motivate you to get more exercise.

Strava tracks your athletic activities via GPS and allows you to analyze and compare your data against yourself, friends, and pros. When you connect your Strava to ARTIK Cloud, you can check whether you have hit your activity goal. If so, you can reward yourself using a Rule that has been set to turn on the entertainment system using Logitech Harmony to play your favorite music or watch your favorite movie.

Todoist allows you to manage your tasks and projects anywhere, as well as allow for collaboration on shared tasks. You can add your Todoist account to ARTIK Cloud and create smart interactions. One of many great use cases would be to create a Rule on ARTIK Cloud stating that if the number of steps tracked on your Fitbit falls below 500 steps, then create a task on Todoist to go to the gym the following day to make up for minimal activity the previous day.

Cloud Connectors play a significant role in IoT by breaking down silos and allowing for smart interaction between all devices and services.

Remember: for every IoT device that comes with its own cloud, you can always build out a Cloud Connector to make its data accessible to the wider ecosystem. Check out our Works With page to see if there is already an integration or Cloud Connector built for a device or service.

Ready to build your own Cloud Connector? Check here for steps on how to do it!