ARTIK Cloud’s Featured Cloud Connectors to Save Energy

In our last post, we featured Cloud Connectors for personal health and improvement. We are excited to announce another set of Cloud Connectors built by our engineering team which focuses on saving energy.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2015, the residential and commercial sector consumed about 40% of total energy in the U.S. Also, approximately 28% of all energy in the U.S. goes to transporting people and goods from one place to another.   The following IoT solutions will certainly have an impact on conserving energy. Let’s take a look at the latest Cloud Connectors our ARTIK Cloud engineering team has built!

Automatic is an IoT device that plugs into your car’s OBD-II port to read your car’s data, including mileage, gas usage, performance, and even driving style. You can now connect your Automatic device to ARTIK Cloud, to which the data is synced in real-time. One great use case would be to monitor the gas usage performance. If you reach a certain number of miles, then send an Action to your connected Todoist to create a task to get an engine tune-up. According to Energy API, an engine tune-up can help with fuel economy by approximately one mile per gallon.

Logitech Harmony works with over many entertainment and smart home devices, including connected lights, locks, thermostats, sensors and home entertainment systems. You can now trigger your Harmony Activities from ARTIK Cloud. Try turning off the entertainment systems during certain times of the day and then check your Smappee data to see how much energy was saved by cutting back on using those devices.

Ecobee3 is a smarter WiFi thermostat equipped with room sensors that address hot or cold areas of your home and appropriately deliver comfortable temperature settings. Connect an Ecobee3 device to ARTIK Cloud to easily monitor temperature and humidity and adjust comfort settings based on predefined Rules. You could connect your Ecobee3 to ARTIK Cloud together with a connected Lockitron device. If someone is home, then increase the temperature. If someone is not home, then decrease the temperature.

Rachio smart sprinkler system automates your watering schedule and gives you control of your sprinklers through your smartphone. You can change the status of your sprinkler to online or stand by mode. You can also turn watering on for specific zones and durations. One use case would be to connect the OpenWeatherMap to ARTIK Cloud along with Rachio. If the forecast does not show rain, then turn on the sprinkler system for a certain period of time.

Smappee is an energy monitor for electricity use, gas, water, and solar energy. To monitor electricity use, Smappee connects to your fuse box with a clip-on sensor. It learns about your electric appliances and also shows you in real-time what your energy is costing you. You can also use Smappee’s comfort plugs to turn appliances on and off. For gas and water monitoring, the Smappee connects to the gas and water pipelines. One great use case would be to detect how much electricity is being used in the house. If you have electric heat and use the Ecobee3 thermostat, you can send an Action to Ecobee3 to turn down the temperature, then review the data from Smappee to see the difference in electricity usage.

Cloud Connectors play a significant role in IoT by breaking down silos and allowing for smart interaction between all devices and services.

Remember: for every IoT device that comes with its own cloud, you can always build out a Cloud Connector to make its data accessible to the wider ecosystem. Check out our Works With page to see if there is already an integration or Cloud Connector built for a device or service.

Ready to build your own Cloud Connector? Check here for steps on how to do it!