Boost Your Smart Home’s IQ with ARTIK Cloud and craft ai

We have hosted a joint webinar with craft ai demonstrating the AI-as-a-service’s strong integration with ARTIK Cloud. craft ai, which won the VIVA Tech hackathon hosted by Samsung and Legrand, enables any connected thing to automatically learn how to automate itself based on user habits!

To go beyond simplistic remote control for connected things and make homes smarter, users are expected to manually author automation scenarios. How can we modify the interaction with devices to automate scenarios? Pierre Salaun, a craft ai engineer, joined ARTIK Cloud’s Head of Developer Evangelism Jeanine Jue to give a demo and code review of a smart home app using ARTIK Cloud and craft ai.

As Pierre mentions in the webinar, craft ai needs just a little data in order to begin creating decision models for task automation. In this connected things scenario, a Netatmo Welcome camera with face detection counts the number of people in the room, and a Philips Hue light bulb changes color as people enter and leave the room. craft ai quickly learns which color changes to associate with the number of people in the room, and can autonomously trigger changes in the Hue light.

This is possible because craft ai works together with ARTIK Cloud. ARTIK Cloud, as an agnostic data exchange platform, acts as the interface for the physical devices. A virtual ARTIK Cloud device mediates between these devices and craft ai, which retrieves the device history and generates a decision tree. ARTIK Cloud Rules notify craft ai of device state changes and push the corresponding Actions.

Pierre describes how the Manifest for the new device type is defined with fields and Actions pertaining to the light color and the presence count; how the source code for the craft ai application is structured; and how the ARTIK Cloud Rules interact with the virtual and physical devices.

Watch the video for a walkthrough that covers how this works—and how easily it works—and let us know if you have an idea for integrating your own IoT solution with ARTIK Cloud!