Send ARTIK Cloud data to an Amazon Kinesis Stream

Great news! Amazon Kinesis, the real-time data ingestion framework of Amazon Web Services (AWS), is securely integrated with ARTIK Cloud’s subscription and notification services. The integration allows you to send data from ARTIK Cloud to an Amazon Kinesis Stream in real-time.

The subscription and notification feature is normally used to notify a client of pertinent messages and/or Actions in ARTIK Cloud to which it has subscribed. Read more about subscription and notification here.

To subscribe to an Amazon Kinesis Stream, you create a subscription object with the subscription type awsKinesis, specifying your Kinesis credentials and an ARTIK Cloud data source: a user, a device, or a device type. Either messages or Actions from an ARTIK Cloud user or device are sent to an AWS account. 

ARTIK Cloud functions as an Amazon Kinesis producer, writing the messages and Actions directly into the Kinesis Stream using the standard format in our REST API. You can use this functionality with AWS tools such as Amazon Machine Learning and Amazon EMR to add custom analytics or machine learning to your applications. We hope you find this as exciting as we do!

Read our documentation for details on how to set up a Kinesis subscription.