Fedora 24 for ARTIK 520 and more recent updates

The past month has been a busy one for the Samsung ARTIK™ developer technical writing team. If you’re developing for Samsung ARTIK modules, here’s a recap of some of our recent updates:

Fedora 24 for ARTIK 520 – You’ll find the latest version in the Developer Downloads section here. If you’ve been having trouble with package updates, this should take care of it. Click on the “Show notes” link for more information about installing this update.

Eclipse for Windows – We’ve replaced the original Eclipse for Windows article with a new procedure that accommodates installation and use of the ARTIK SDK, as well as other shared libraries, through sysroot synchronization. If you’re using Eclipse for Linux, we’ve also updated that article to match.

ARTIK 530 documentation – We’ve update the developer documentation to include information about the latest ARTIK 5 family addition, the ARTIK 530 module. We’ve also included additional reference information throughout (see the UARTs section, for example).

Application Notes – We’ve added two new Application Notes. The first is on enabling internet access for your ARTIK modules through corporate firewalls. The second one is a reference design for a Thread Border Router. The reference design can be downloaded as a complete package including source code and other needed materials, or you can download the Application Note by itself. You’ll find all of these files in our Downloads section.

ZigBee® – There is now a more complete article on ZigBee. Some information is still preliminary, but we think it’ll give you a good start towards building out your Home Automation scenario.

We hope you find these updates useful! If you have any questions, be sure to visit our developer forum