Perform OTA updates for your ARTIK Cloud devices

We are happy to introduce a new ARTIK Cloud feature that lets you trigger firmware updates on devices using the LWM2M protocol. We refer to these as OTA (over-the-air) updates, and they are covered in-depth in our documentation article. In this post we’ll give a quick summary of the feature.

An OTA update can be performed for device types owned by your organization. Individual devices must be registered with ARTIK Cloud using an LWM2M client. The client must also implement resources from the LWM2M Firmware Update and Device objects. Don’t worry, our Java and C/C++ SDKs for LWM2M make this easy!

Upload firmware image for OTA update

All the management of your update images can be done within the Developer Dashboard. Here you can upload, store and search for images, and execute OTA updates on a subset of devices that you filter according to criteria such as firmware version. You can also use the API to create a task to run the update programmatically.

ARTIK Cloud will then push a unique URL to each device where the image can be retrieved. Once the device is connected over LWM2M, it will retrieve the image. This occurs as part of an OTA Update task that is built on top of the LWM2M Firmware Update object and runs the LWM2M Firmware Update functions. A dedicated page in the Developer Dashboard allows you to monitor the status of your tasks, which are explained in our LWM2M documentation.

Read more about OTA updates in our developer documentation.