Samsung ARTIK 530 – our newest family member!

Samsung ARTIK 530 developer kit contentsSamsung ARTIK® expands its family of IoT Systems-on-Module today with the addition of the Samsung ARTIK 530 Smart IoT module. This addition to the ARTIK 5 family gives manufacturers a performance-optimized option when requirements point to a need for balanced power and performance. Typical applications for the ARTIK 5 family include local IoT hubs and gateways, or in products requiring graphic-based displays. 

The lower-cost ARTIK 530 adds a few cool features customers have been asking for, and has some differences from the ARTIK 520 in CPU, connection scheme, and footprint:

  • The 530 has a quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A9 vs. the dual-core processor of the 520
  • The 530 has an integrated OTG USB host/device controller
  • The 530 has built-in HDMI output
  • Connection is via land grid array (LGA), rather than the connectors on the 520 (which also reduces product BOM costs)
  • 530 has its components on one side only to allow for the BGA, changing the footprint to 49x36mm vs. 30x25mm for the 520

Like the ARTIK 520, the Samsung ARTIK 530 features:

  • Highly optimized design that integrates processor, DRAM, flash memory for storage, multiple I/O ports, security, and radios.
  • Packaged DRAM and Flash memories
  • A hardware Secure Element for “bank level”, end-to-end security
  • A wide range of wireless communication options such as 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.2 (BLE+Classic), and 802.15.4 with ZigBee®/Thread

The ARTIK 530 developer kit consists of a module and development board that continues the modular board architecture introduced with the ARTIK 710. 

Learn more about the ARTIK 530 module by visiting its product page. There you’ll find the product brief and datasheet, as well as other related documents. To learn more about developing for ARTIK modules, please visit our ARTIK Developer Portal’s Getting Started page. The developer portal has quick-start guides, tutorials, and reference documents. 

ARTIK 530 modules and developer kits are available today from Digi-Key, and coming soon from Arrow and Mujin. Available accessories include displays, sensor boards, and camera modules. 

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