Introducing the January 2017 class of ARTIK ecosystem partners

orange_h_screen-captureIt has been a busy and exciting start to 2017 here at Samsung ARTIK, and a large part of that stems from all the amazing companies we have been meeting through the ARTIK Partner Program. Our mission is to provide a diversified group of ARTIK ecosystem partners as part of the ARTIK End-to-End platform. To that end, we are working to establish partnerships with industry-leading service providers and tools to help you jumpstart your IoT application development. We are happy to welcome the new class of ARTIK Partners who have formally joined our ecosystem this past January.

Solution Partners

  • Axsys Automation is a one-stop customer engineering partner with an extensive background in embedded product development, cloud-based solutions, embedded software, and application software development. The company also provides complete turnkey manufacturing services from concept through production.
  • eInfochips is a product engineering and software R&D services company with an expertise in building end-to-end solutions with the ARTIK platform. From semiconductor, hardware, and embedded systems to software and testing, eInfochips provides valuable support to enable customers’ product vision from research, design, and deployment through product sustainment.
  • Mobiliya provides device-to-cloud software engineering and system integration services with specialization in the Internet of Things, enterprise software, embedded systems, security, augmented reality and automotive. To help ARTIK customers realize IoT solutions, Mobiliya extends its existing set of niche engineering capabilities ranging from cloud integration, data analytics to building end user applications and much more.

Technology Partners

  • Azeti Networks is a global provider of IoT technology to a variety of verticals including telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance and healthcare. Azeti’s remote asset management software helps businesses manage and monitor their complex infrastructures, enabling them to operate at the highest level of efficiency while maintaining operations continuity.
  • InfiniFlux is a Database Management System (DBMS) tailored for machine data and optimized to help customers process time-series data generated from IoT devices in real-time. The ARTIK module integrated with InfiniFlux DBMS is a suitable solution for database analysts who are seeking fast-data process and analytics in IoT.
  • Reekoh is an open integration platform designed for organizations building IoT products, services and offerings. As an integration and enablement platform, Reekoh provides a large library of enterprise platform, tools and service integrations in the IoT space. ARTIK plugins are already available in their Plugin Store, alongside over 100 other integrations.

In combination with our current ecosystem of partners, these innovative companies cater to the various needs of building a full IoT solution and we are thrilled to share them with you. If you would like more information on the ARTIK Partner Program or are interested in joining, please visit