ARTIK Cloud + T-Mobile + Breezie = improving senior care

How can IoT help people, particularly the elderly, lead healthier lives? One answer arrived with the recent announcement of a new Breezie open platform for senior care, powered by Samsung ARTIK Cloud and the T-Mobile IoT platform.

The Breezie tablet platform makes it simple, intuitive and engaging for elderly users—regardless of their technical capabilities—to use Internet-based apps and services that can enhance their health and well-being. It’s useful for everything from maintaining connections with friends and family to supporting post-surgical recovery.

samsung booth
Samsung booth at the HiMSS Conference, where Breezie is being demonstrated.

What’s new is that ARTIK Cloud is collaborating with T-Mobile to reduce IoT technical barriers so that healthcare providers can get to market faster with IoT-based offerings that interconnect broadly with other IoT products and services. Healthcare solutions such as Breezie can harness the power of IoT to integrate and work with other connected devices and services that include Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and the Pulse Oximeter, as well as a wide range of IoT devices, smart sensors and Bluetooth remote monitoring devices.

This ARTIK Cloud, T-Mobile and Breezie collaboration expresses a core Samsung goal: applying the immense potential of IoT to improve people’s quality of life. By reducing the time, cost and risk typically required to deliver complex IoT solutions, the HIPAA-compliant Samsung ARTIK Cloud can accelerate development of better, smarter IoT devices, solutions and services.

Through the power of Samsung ARTIK Cloud, IoT devices, apps and cloud services can connect easily with everything else on IoT. With ARTIK Cloud and T-Mobile, healthcare companies can more quickly and effortlessly deliver rich, innovative and robust connected healthcare services, including solutions aimed at the growing population of seniors.

Drop by the Samsung booth #3673 at the HIMSS ’17 show floor to see how Breezie works. Or check out the full press release in the Samsung U.S. Newsroom.